Tell us About Your SAP HANA Innovation

Digital transformation has turned into a basis for all organizations. A significant number of our clients are currently bridling the intensity of information and growing new applications to profit by quick changing business sector progression enchained by shifts in client conduct, showcase request, and administrative laws.

To catch and see better these transformational utilize cases, SAP has banded together IDC, the acclaimed innovation promoting research firm, on a mysterious client overview of associations that have created imaginative SAP HANA-fueled custom applications. We trust the consequences of this exploration will reveal slants in client inclinations and ways to deal with development that can enable every one of our clients to quicken their advancement travel.

We empower all people that have been engaged with a custom constructed SAP HANA applications to partaking including essential chiefs, venture colleagues, venture influencers, and clients to take an interest – it just takes 15 minutes to finish this online overview. By filling this study, qualified clients will be compensated with SAP client thankfulness attributes that can be utilized to reclaim for SAPPHIRE NOW passes, preparing, and so on. As said previously, the study is mysterious, and the consequence of this exploration will be information realistic. Your name and your organization name won’t be unveiled. Review results will be shared openly.


SAP HANA stage is utilized by in excess of 23,000 organizations to conveys noteworthy qualities to the business, for example, expanding information preparing speed, bringing down framework administration exertion/cost, and conveying profound, granular experiences all the more successfully.

A considerable lot of our clients begin their advancement travel by actualizing SAP applications on SAP HANA, yet some are additionally assembling imaginative applications on it to rapidly take into account the new business needs. All things considered, every one of these organizations encounters quicker business tasks, better client encounter, bring down expenses, or enhance time-to-advertise for their applications. On a very basic level, utilizing SAP HANA realizes a constructive change in forms, individuals commitment, and competency models.

Take the case of ARI, the world’s biggest secretly held armada administration organization. They perceived that successful development needs directors and IT groups to cooperate to elucidate business necessities, assemble inventive thoughts, and walk towards ceaseless change. As John Bunoza from ARI shared his excursion in SAPPHIRE/ASUG session, ARI executed a self-benefit web application utilizing SAP HANA Business Rule Framework that enables business clients to get the dynamic report without including IT group. They began their advancement procedure utilizing the express version of SAP HANA, the free SAP HANA release with 32GB memory utilize restriction. With enabled business clients, the time required to create another report is considerably shorter and two of the designers already allocated to the undertaking could be moved to new tasks to quicken development. Look at this video to take in more about ARI’s change.

Another illustration is one of the SAP Innovation Award victor, HarrisLogic, who constructed a new answer for enhancing mental human services – particularly suicide anticipation, emergency reaction, and recidivism. Their new advancement needs to use the times of clinical mastery and customer records to create information-driven clinical help apparatuses, and precisely make forecasts on which customers were in danger for readmission and recidivism. Furthermore, they utilized SAP Business Objects and prescient examination in SAP HANA to help quick, live, and exact basic leadership to conduct wellbeing settings. This arrangement influences the in-memory figuring capacity to run progressed examination inside SAP HANA information stage without moving the colossal sum history information.

As should be obvious from these cases, Enterprises will convey custom applications to remain ahead in the rivalry in the computerized world by bringing down operational costs, upgrading client encounter, and expanding the speed-to-showcase.

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