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SAP BASIS Online Course Preparing:-

SAP-Premise, Premise director can be a framework designer, transport administrator, bunch administrator, security pro and numerous more parts played by him. SAP Premise is the frameworks organization of SAP programming applications. SAP programming applications are – endeavor applications utilized basically by substantial organizations to oversee information. SAP Premise experts deal with working frameworks and database organization and so forth.

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Methods of Preparing we give in SAP Premise course:

SAP Premise Classroom preparing at Madhapur

SAP Premise Internet preparing and

SAP Premise End of the week Preparing

Who can learn?

  • Crisp Designing graduates.
  • System experts.

SAP Premise is a module which covers organization, investigating of SAP ERP system. Graduates who have encountered is organizing, investigating, equipment and systems administration, working frameworks and who worked in servers can choose this module SAP Online classes.

SAP Premise Course Content:

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1. Introduction to SAP R/3 Basis What is Basis?
• SAP R/3 Networking issues
• Database Service. Application Services, Presentation Services
• Introduction to SAP R/3 Client/Server Technology and SAP R/3 Architecture
• Introduction to OS Concepts
• Roles and Responsibilities of Basis Consultants
• Introduction to SAP R/3 Hardware Concepts: The CPU
• Introduction to SAP R/3 Hardware Concepts: Storage
• Available SAP R/3 Platforms – Windows NT
2. The architecture of SAP R/3 Application Server • SAP R/3 Application Server Architecture
• Dialog Server
• Update Server
• SAP R/3 Work Process – Overview
• Managing SAP R/3 Work Processes
3. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Client • Introduction to Client
• Dropping a Client
• Creating Client
• Client Copy (Local, Remote, Export and Import)
4. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – User Management • Creating User
• Authorizations
• Profiles and Activity Groups
• Locking and Unlocking a User
• Introduction to profile Generator
• Profile Management (Single and Composite)
• Limiting Login Attempts
• Setting Password Controls
• Maintaining User defaults & Options
5. SAP R/3 Administrator Tasks – Background Jobs • Jobs Definition
• Start Date
• Job Steps
• Job Monitoring
• Deleting a Job
• Startup profile
• Instance profile
• Data Archiving
• Spooling
• Front-end computer spooling
• Access method
7. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – CCMS • OS Monitoring
• Alerts
• DB Monitoring
8. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Memory Management and Miscellaneous • Introduction to SAP R/3 Virtual Memory
• SAP R/3 Buffers
• SAP R/3 Memory Management System
• Remote Function Call (RFC)
• Dump Analysis
• Sys Log
9. Types of R/3 Systems and System Landscape • Development (DEV). Testing (QTST), Production ( PROD )
• There System Landscape
• Single System Landscape
• Two System Landscape
10. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Change and Transport System • Customizing
• ABAP/4 Workbench
• Change Request
• Recording Changes
• Transportation
11. Transport Management System (TMS) • TMS Domain
• Transport Route
• Transport Layer
• Transport Directory
• Virtual Systems
• Transport Groups
• SAP R/3 Repository
• TMS Domain Controller
12. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Patch Administration • Overview of Support Packages
• Introduction to Applying SAP Patches
• Introduction to Applying Kernel Patches
13. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – SAP-DBA • Oracle Server Architecture Overview
• Oracle Server Startup/Shutdown
• Table space Administration
• SAP R/3 Reorganization of an Oracle Database
• SAP R/3 Restore and Recovery of an Oracle Database
• Startup and Shutdown of database
14. SAP R/3 Administration Tasks – Database Analysis • Size
• Free Space
• Growth History
• Statistics
15. SAP R/3 Installation • Installing SAP
16. Java Administration