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SAP Globe online:-SAP Classes in Online SAP – GRC  (Governance Risk and Compliance  Solution) gives the association. To oversee hazard administration exercises, It additionally helps with identifying extortion in business exchanges. Aside from this it additionally gives rules to review administration action proficiently SAP classes in Hyderabad.

SAP – GRC can give the determination to secure the organization esteems in the business and SAP Online classes.

*engineering graduates

* working experts aspire for Risk management/review administration


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1. Overview of SOX
2. Overview of SOD
3. Introduction to GRC 10.1 • Difference between GRC 5.3 and GRC 10.1
• Overview of different applications in GRC 10.1
• Introduction to different components of GRC AC
4. Installation of GRC 10.1 • Prerequisites of GRC 10.1 installation
• Post Installation activities of GRC 10.1
• Configuration settings of GRC 10.1
Access Control 10.1 Architecture
5. GRC 10.1 security and authorizations • Object level security
• Authorization requirements
• Access Control delivered the role
• Shared configuration settings
• Configure the Integration framework
• Configure shared access control settings
• Identify Business Configuration (BC) sets
• Synchronizing with the Access Control
6. Access Risk Analysis (ARA) • Creating Rule set,
• Creating Business Processes
• Creating Functions
• Creating SOD Risks
• Creating Critical Role, Profile, Action, and Permission
• Risk analysis at the user level
• Risk analysis at the role level
• Risk analysis at the profile level
• Mitigation process
• Creating MIT Control Approvers and Monitors
• Creating Control Id
• Assigning Control Id to Users
• Assigning Control Id to Roles
• Assigning Control Id to Profiles
• Remediation process
• Simulation at the user level, role level, and profile level
7. Emergency Access Management (EAM) • Managing emergency access
• Planning emergency access
• The configuration of the EAM component and parameters
• Centralized Emergency Access Management
• Decentralized Emergency Access Management
• Types of EAM users
• Creating a Firefighter, Firefighter ID, Firefighter Controller and Firefighter Owner
• Maintaining reason codes
• Assigning firefighter controller and owner to FFID
• Assigning FFID to FF
• Performing Additional Access activities in backend (Business) system by FFID
• Synchronization of FF logs
• Checking FF logs
• Assigning emergency access through Decentralize EAM
8. Business Role Management (BRM) • Configuring Business Role Management
• Business Role Methodology
• Implement Condition Groups in Role Management
• Business role definition- Technical role definition
• Maintaining role owners/approvers
• Creating roles by BRM component
• Assigning role owner to the role
• Role Mass Maintenance
• Role Mass Import
• Role Mass Update
• Role Comparison
• Role Mining
9. Access Request Management (ARM) • Provisioning configurations
• End User Personalization (EUP)
• Configuring Approvers and Managers
• Creating access request
• Types of the access request
• Creating Template based request
• Creating Model User
• Admin Delegation
• Creating an Emergency Access Request
• Responding to access request by the Approver
10. MSMP Workflow and Business Rule Framework • MSMP Workflow Introduction
• Configuration of MSMP
• Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing
• Configuring Access Control Process ID’s
• The concept of BRF+ Application
• Initiator rule
• Agent rule
• Routing rule
• Notification and Variable Rule
• Mapping BRF+ rule to the standard process id
• Background jobs in GRC AC