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What is SAP HANA

SAP HANA is the new ERP Solution bundle of SAP

SAP HANA is an in-memory database and application improvement stage for preparing high volumes of information in real time in short time. It is SAP’s most astounding profile item.

Its essential capacity as the database server is to store and recover information as asked for by the applications.

SAP HANA additionally incorporates a programming part that empowers an organization’s IT office to make and run customized application programs on best of HANA

In May 2013, a managed private cloud offering called the HANA Enterprise Cloud benefit was announced SAP internet preparing in Hyderabad

In May 2013, Business Suite on HANA wound up accessible

S/4HANA discharged in 2015.

Or maybe than versioning, the product utilizes service packs, alluded to as Support Package Stacks (SPS), for refreshes. Bolster Package Stacks are discharged at regular intervals

in November 2016 SAP reported SAP HANA 2

“SAP HANA has turned into the quickest developing programming item on the planet.”

Essential to learning SAP HANA?

One should know Database Concepts and ought to have basic information about SQL before learning SAP HANA.

ABAP required to learn SAP HANA?

NO – ABAP knowledge may help in understanding the Business rationale usage. It is a favorable position, however not required.

As said above, earlier learning of SAP is the favorable position, however, it isn’t must.

On the off chance that you are from various programming innovation foundation like JAVA, JavaScript, PHP and so forth you can even now get into SAP HANA and update your career.Java, PHP, Python, .NET works truly well with SAP HANA, SAP web-based preparing

SAP HANA Admin Course Content:-

Prologue to SAP HANA Landscape

SAP HANA segments

SAP HANA situations

Rapid Deployment Solutions– RDS

Information Sources on SAP HANA & guides

SAP HANA Architecture

SAP HANA tirelessness

Sizing SAP HANA(Different types of Sizing scenarios)

Scale-out SAP HANA

SAP HANA Tools Overview

Working with SAP HANA Studio

DBA Cockpit


Pre& Post Installation of SAP HANA

Preparing SAP HANA installation

Auditing SAP HANA installation

Post-installation steps


Renaming HANA DB using HDBRENAME Tool

Administration and Operations in SAP HANA

Starting and stopping SAP HANA

Backup and recuperation

Empowering high availability of SAP HANA

Backup& Recovery

The concept of backup and recovery

Data Area Backup

Area Backup

Backup of configuration files and Backup catalog Recovery

Database Copy

High Availability

HANA Security

Maintaining Users and authorizations

Creating users

Creating Roles

Types of Privileges

Working with Analytic Privileges

data provisioning

Design data replication with SAP Landscape Transformation(SLT)

Concepts of SLT

Installation of SLT

Step by step configuration of SLT

Data Replication at a Glance

Monitoring of Replication

Design data replication with SAP Data Services

Concept of BODS

Step by Step configuration of BODS

Uploading Data into HANA from SAP Sources

Screen and Troubleshoot SAP HANA

Monitoring with SAP HANA Studio

Monitoring with DB A COCKPIT

Remote Support

software lifecycle management

Updating SAP HANA

Updating SAP HANA Studio

HANA Lifecycle Manager(New device)

Migration of BW system

SP7 Overview and updates

New Features in SP11

SP10 at a Glance