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Install character administration into your business forms – for more tightly IT security

Lessen hazard and midway oversee client access over your venture – with SAP Identity Management. The product incorporates with your business procedures to give strong information and application security. Keep your tasks running easily and support profitability by giving part based client get to, self-benefit secret word reset, endorsement work processes, and that’s just the beginning.

Why SAP Identity Management?

Since the ID management programming gives you a chance to concede and oversee client access to heterogeneous applications – safely and effectively. With SAP Identity Management, you can:

  • Lower IT bolster costs and diminish chance with brought together identity and access management
  • Lift profitability with self-administration, for example, programmed secret key reset and standards driven work processes
  • Increment adaptability with benchmarks based usefulness that flawlessly incorporates with business forms
  • Enhance client get to bits of knowledge and consistency through incorporated logging and announcing

SAP Identity Management IDM

  •  SAP Identity Management (IDM)v
  • Describing SAP Identity Management
  • SAP IDM Architecture
  • Installation of SAP IDM 7.2 and 8.0v
  • Installing the Identity Center Databases
  • Installing and Configuring the Identity Management User Interfaces
  • Defining the JDBC Connection for the JMX Layers
  •  Configuring the JMX Layer (Java System Properties)v
  • Initial Configuration of IDMv
  • SAP IDM Data Models
  •  Verifying the Portal Integration of the Identity Management User Interfaces
  • Create an Identity Store and Custom Attributes
  • Adding the client to the Identity Stores
  • General Access (Self Services Tab)v
  • Access to (Monitoring Tab)v
  • Configuring the Language Settings for the Identity Management User Interfaces
  • General Access to Identity Management User Interface
  •  Access to Manager and Administrator Tabs
  • Integrating Identity Management User Interface in the SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • connect to SAP IDMv
  • Import SAP Delivered Packages
  •  Importing Predefined Contents for the SAP NetWeaver Portal


  •  Creating Forms
  • Import SAP Delivered Forms
  • Create a Format
  • Create and Modify Form
  • Customizing Search Results
  • Implement a Default Search Form and Customize Search Results
  •  Implementing a Custom User Interface


  •  Creating Jobs
  • Create a Job Definition
  • Enable Delta Functionality
  • Creating a Repository
  • Creating Repository Jobs
  • Run a Repository Jobs
  • Implementing Scripts
  • Create a Script
  • Link a Scripts

Provisioning and Workflow

  •  Creating Processes
  • Extend the Process
  • Attach a Process to a Forms
  •  Auditing the Task Execution Process
  •  Use the Provisioning Audits
  •  Describing the SAP Provisioning Frameworks
  •  Assigning Privileges
  •  Provision a User and Assign Privileges
  •  How to keep up SAP HANA benefits
  •  SAP HANA approval ideas Parts
  • Creating Business Roles
  •  Create and Assign Business Roles
  •  Defining Automatic Role Assignments
  •  Create and Recalculate Dynamic Groups

Endorsement Workflow

  •  Deactivate a clients
  • Configuring Approval Workflows
  •  Implement an Approval Workflows
  •  Sending Notifications
  •  Activate Approval Notifications
  •  Customize Standard Message Templates
  •  Storing Information with Pending Value Objects (PVO) and Context Variables
  •  Access Context Variables
  •  Implementing Automatic Approve/Decline of Role Requests
  • Implement Automatic Approve/Declined

Setting Based Assignments

  • Installation of SAP HANA Multi-Tenant DVB
  • Defining Contexts
  •  Create a Context Types
  •  Creating Guided Activity Tasks
  •  Create a Guided Task to Request Roles
  •  Provisioning Context Toward Backend Systems
  •  Provision Contexts
  •  Assigning Automatic and Conditional Contexts
  •  Use Automatic Context Use Conditional Contexts
  • SAP IDM and Other SAP Systems
  • Provisioning a User to AS ABAP
  • provisioning a User to AS JAVAv
  • Provisioning a User to ADv

Propelled Tasks

  •  Run Housekeeping Procedures
  • Accessing the Identity Center Databases
  •  Browse the Table Structures
  •  Debugging Entries
  •  Configure the Trace Entry Types
  •  Optimizing the Performance of SAP IDMv
  • Perform the SQL Performance Tracev
  • Explaining the Reporting Tools
  • create an IDM Reports
  • Resetting Passwords

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